Serge Seidlitz illustrates the NORD DDB campaign showing people how to conquer the fear with interactive presentation tools

In its latest campaign, Mentimeter brings scary meeting rooms – inspired by real-world Seattle offices – to life in a playful way to highlight people’s fear of presenting. The campaign aims to show how people can conquer scary meetings with the help of Mentimeter’s interactive presentation tool. 

Presenting is one of humanity’s most common phobia (also known as glossophobia), and for people who are afraid to present in front of a group, meeting rooms are some of the scariest places on Earth. As one of the busiest tech metropolises in the US, Seattle houses over 130.000 companies and is home to some of the world’s largest companies, including Amazon, T-Mobile and Microsoft, making the city a place filled with scary meeting rooms and presentation opportunities. That’s why Mentimeter has chosen to do its first outdoor campaign in Seattle and show how their interactive presentation tools can help people turn scary presentations into engaging conversations.

“Giving a presentation is nerve wracking. And our research shows that one of the main  reasons is the fear of not being able to engage your audience, feeling alone and  vulnerable. We have all experienced the “any-questions-crickets”, but with the right  tools, you can turn a traditional presentation monologue into a dialogue. Creating that  meaningful engagement, giving everyone a voice, is what we are driven by,” says Carl Ronander, head of brand at Mentimeter. 

The illustrations have been inspired by some of Seattle’s most-iconic meeting rooms. Boardrooms at T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Amazon have been playfully reimagined as nightmarish versions of the real  thing. With this cheeky twist on the reality of presenting in front of a live audience, Mentimeter wants to reach office workers directly in Seattle, while the campaign also reaches a broad audience in digital channels. 

In connection with the campaign, Mentimeter will also hold a competition on social media to crown Seattle’s scariest meeting room. The company holding the scariest meeting room will receive a  trophy and a subscription from Mentimeter. 

The concept is developed by NORD DDB and the illustrations for the campaign are drawn by Serge Seidlitz. The campaign consists of OOH, digital and social media placements.


ILLUSTRATOR: Serge Seidlitz, agency B&A reps